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Arenia Casino, México

Arenia Casinos rewards its frequent VIP players with complimentary food and beverages as part of its membership perks packages and their loyalty rewards program.

The casinos had been using paper tickets and vouchers marked to expire at the end of each day, however there were many problems with that system which WristCoin solved.

Aniwa Gathering, California

The organizing team behind Aniwa Gathering faced an intriguing challenge: hosting a cashless event in the serene wilderness of Big Bear, a remote park several hours’ drive from Los Angeles, California. This unique setting posed connectivity obstacles as there was no reliable internet or mobile data service available, except for a satellite internet service located at the central organizing station. Seeking a seamless cashless solution under these constraints, they turned to WristCoin.

Oasiz Mall, Spain

The developers of Oasiz Mall sought a closed-loop cashless system for activities including water fun in their 12,500-square-meter lake. They required a solution that allowed guests to easily top up, with the flexibility to use personal mobile devices for self-service or staff assistance at the mall, accommodating both digital and cash top-ups.

Hollerbach, Florida

Hollerbach’s previous ticket system at the event led to long delays, inconsistent sales, and difficulty in tracking revenue. It lacked the necessary reporting and analytics to understand customer behavior. A solution was needed that could handle the event’s volume and provide quick, reliable transactions with real-time reporting.

The WristCoin team were attentive and available throughout pre production and our event itself. The wristbands were printed beautifully and delivered on time. Our vendors’ sales went up due to ease of payment. We saved money on internet access across site due to the ability to operate transactions without wifi/service. Affordable, consistent and reliable
Victoria Keon-Cohen, Aniwa Gathering Producer

BeHoteles, México

BeHoteles sought a closed-loop cashless solution for their New Year’s celebration in 2019, where they hosted thousands of guests in the remote Mexican Caribbean jungles. The challenge was to find a payment solution that would align with the hotel’s workflow, prevent cash theft by temporary staff, and function without Internet access in the beachside location. This was vital as WiFi connectivity could not support live event operations.

Payments Canada, Toronto

Payments Canada is an annual conference showcasing payment technologies. Traditional paper drink tickets did not suit the expert audience and led to billing disputes with the catering company due to inaccurate tallies. The event producers sought a sophisticated solution for managing beverage consumption, including discreetly offering unlimited drinks to VIP guests without using physical tickets. This change enhanced the guest experience.

We used WristCoin for the biggest event of the year Oktoberfest! WristCoin made it easy for our guests to to top up and purchase whatever they wanted at our 3 day event. The service team was also amazing getting us set up even traveling to us for an in person session.

Eric Koffsky, Hollerbach's Oktoberfest

La Marqueta, Puerto Rico

La Marqueta nightclub in San Juan, Puerto Rico, faced challenges stemming from the use of paper drink tickets, resulting in losses from multiple redemptions. To overcome these challenges, la Marqueta implemented WristCoin’s cashless payment system, replacing traditional paper tickets. This new system offered flexibility, agility, and an improved user experience.

St. Francis, Texas

St. Francis School in Houston, Texas, annual fundraising gala in April 2023 had a clear vision to make the entire event completely cashless. This ambitious goal required a reliable solution to streamline operations and enhance the guest experience. St. Francis School’s partnership with WristCoin achieved the goal of a completely cashless gala while also reducing costs and increasing guest participation.

The team was very proactive in answering our questions and guiding us for a seamless event series! WristCoin was easy to teach to staff and attendees of our event especially enjoyed swimming with their waterproof wristbands! We had great feedback from community members on the technology. Would highly recommend!
Lul Kidane, Diaspora Connections

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