Add cashless payments and mobility to your POS for an even more extraordinary guest experience

Discover the power of integrating cashless payments, mobility capabilities and NFC / RFID for hotels to your POS without changing your system. You will improve your team’s efficiency and enhance convenience for your guests, all while increasing sales.

Why add cashless payments, mobility and NFC / RFID for hotels and resorts to your POS?

Elevate Guest Satisfaction

Be closer to your guests, less wait time, faster service, and streamline experience with single wristband or card for room entry, activity access, loyalty benefits, events, and payments.

Increase Sales

Enjoy greater profit margins with our fee-free transactions. Increase the amount of transactions and facilitate upselling by reducing friction for your team and guests.

Improve Security

Increase protection of your assets with our top-of-the-line NFC security features, RFID for hotels and AES encryption, safeguarding against risk of loss and ensure your piece of mind.

Better Informed Decisions

Comprehensive data for a clearer picture of your guest’s needs. Better understanding of what needs improvement and the services that are driving growth.

What are WristCoin’s Advantages for Hotels and Resorts?

WristCoin’s best-in-class security delivers secure seamless transactions, its mobility integration, and NFC / RFID for hotels for your POS offers unparalleled convenience for both guests and operators alike.

online self-serve guest experience and mobile pos terminal with cashless payments
Save Time & Increase Sales
  • No transaction fees
  • Add mobility to your POS without changing your system
  • Make your team better with less staff time spent operating complex systems, more time providing excellent guest experiences.
  • Best-in-Class NFC chips & AES encryption.
  • We increase transaction security with our bank-grade security.
  • Customizable wearables and cards that integrate seamlessly
  • Comprehensive guest data with our dashboard and reports.
  • Take payments & record purchases in under a second.
  • No app is required to be downloaded by your guests.
  • A loyalty program to increase return visits.
  • Easily scale to support any number of guests.
  • Integrate with PMS systems, Reservation systems, Lock systems, Guest Registration systems, POS systems, ERP systems, or any system to make a better operation for your team.

Delight your guests by offering better service no matter where they are.

  • Seamless experience: Imagine your guests being able to make purchases, access amenities, enjoy loyalty perks and even unlock their rooms—all with a simple tap of their NFC wristband or card.
  • Convenient transaction view for your guests: They can see their current balance, registration details, and transaction history with ease with NFC / RFID for hotels.
  • Reduce your guest’s wait times: Enable faster transactions, and offer convenience, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  • You don’t need to change your POS: Our mobile systems can integrate with your existing POS or other business systems, such as inventory management and accounting SW.
  • Enhance efficiency and reduce errors: Reduce unnecessary cash handling and improve overall workflow efficiency.
  • Here is a WristCoin article in HospitalityTech on how addon services can improve the guest experience.
cashless payments with RFID for hotels and resorts benefits

The easiest payment and reporting system I’ve worked with. It saves you a lot of headaches, it’s user friendly, and Dave in the support area, he’s amazing.

Alexandru Marin, Caro Hotel

Fully Customizable Reusable NFC Options

Empower your brand identity with our fully customizable reusable NFC card and wristband options, offering versatility and engagement opportunities with RFID for hotels.

cashless NFC and RFID wristbands and cards

More than just a payment method

Experience a seamless integration of convenience, security, and innovation. WristCoin is a game-changer in driving growth.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Let’s Make Things Happen

If you have questions about WristCoin or would like to learn more about how you can leverage its state-of-the-art offline closed-loop cashless payment capabilities to improve your event experience, get in contact with us using our contact form.