Organizing an event is a time consuming task that might seem overwhelming to many. It
requires several components to be planned all the way down to the finest detail. Having a
proper payment solution for the event is crucial, and there are many ways this can be solved.
WristCoin focuses on giving event organizers the opportunity to do this themselves. Using a big
staff or bulky equipment can easily become expensive. WristCoin is simple and easy to use,
and makes the cashless payment solution at your event a seamless experience for the customers and
the vendors. In this short blogpost we want to take a closer look at four aspects of WristCoin
that give you the ability to make your own event cashless without breaking the budget.

No WiFi needed
First of all, WristCoin does not require Internet access at the event site. or even any WiFi or data connection at all. At the same time, we guarantee that guests are not able to overdraw
their account or buy items that exceeds their available balance. Our wristbands store store the credit balance securely inside the chip. In this way, we can guarantee that the balance will be 100% correct at any point, even if there is no Internet connection when the transaction is made.

No specific location requirements
By providing an offline solution as described above, you will gain some flexibility in terms of locations and venues. By giving event organizers this flexibility, they no longer have to worry about paying exorbitant fees for the venue’s fast WiFi service (even just for event staff).

No trained staff needed
Another important aspect behind WristCoin is the fact that the technology is easy to operate and does not require expensive specially trained staff to configure or support the system at the event. We allow event organizers to fully customize the experience with the web dashboard, and train their own staff after they quickly become familiar with the easy to use point of sale terminals. To help, we’ve made a video tutorial that can walk you through the all the steps in 30 mins!

No enforced workflow or process
Last but not least, WristCoin does not enforce any specific workflow or process on the event organizer. Other cashless payment companies are limited in how they can be used and force certain workflows that can be costly. At WristCoin we use a different model to empower organizers. We make the technology with a self-service option, fully customizable, and accessible for everyone regardless of their location or event size.

We only need to know..
… two things in order to provide you with an out of the box cashless solution: the number of
people at the event and the number of terminals needed. With this information we can give you a quote right away. WristCoin makes cashless payments available for everyone, everywhere.

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