A clearer view of the new normal is emerging, including how the most affected businesses will need to adjust to the post-COVID world. Hospitality such as leisure tourism and travel for example have always been a multi-sensorial experience. Half of my happy memories around traveling have been surrounded by delicious food and savory smells while greeting locals and listening to background noises. So what changes do we need to make in order to follow health and safety guidelines and still enjoy traveling? 

Tourism at this time is not without risk and needs to be done with special attention to health and safety. Avoiding contact using contactless or touchless payment solutions has been a challenge for businesses to implement universally. As someone who started his career in the hospitality industry, I can say it has sometimes overlooked the evolution towards health, safety, and technology. In this post, we will explore how WristCoin helps overcome some of these new obstacles and still provide a pleasant guest experience. 

Tourists invariably want to interact and immerse themselves in their new surroundings, but adjustments are needed to avoid unnecessary contact.  For example, most of the industry works on gratuities and tips easily facilitated by cash-based transactions which these days put the health and safety of both staff and guests at risk due to the chance of spreading COVID through contact (handling cash). WristCoin is ready to help the tourism and hospitality industries meet this challenge. We all have heard “cash is king” but what if we could honour the spirit of that saying but enhance it with a technological advance that creates value for businesses, staff, and guests alike?  

Let’s not forget that tips and gratuities are the main sources of income for the hospitality industry.  Any contactless cash-free solution must accommodate if not enhance tipping.  As guests we sometimes find ourselves out of cash and unable to give a well deserved tip, or perhaps we only have large denominations – WristCoin helps solve this problem too.  And all gratuities in WristCoin can be tracked at a per-employee basis or aggregated and divided amongst the staff. 

Incorporating new technology is a pain – plain and simple.  All business owners have felt this pain and demand flexible solutions that easily adapt to the unique nature of their business and how they do things. A cashless solution must perform at all scales, be it smaller gatherings in outdoor spaces to start where there’s no WiFi or Internet connection or large crowds of 30k+ guests such as music festivals, football stadiums, and arenas once such gatherings are safe again.  

WristCoin is a closed-loop technology with which management can easily create a flexible menu including all available food & drink options along with all the possible experiences and souvenirs included. Guests can easily enjoy being a tourist while management reduces administrative costs – something critical to surviving in the post-COVID world.

With the flexibility WristCoin offers, you can be sure that all the possible health recommendations will be followed while also offering peace of mind to the guests, staff, and management.

Published On: October 26, 2020 / Categories: Tourism /