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  • Cost Saving & Affordable to Deploy

  • Eliminates Costly On-Site Network Equipment & Staff
  • Lower Lead Time

  • No Internet Required

  • Secure Using NFC

  • Robust, Waterproof Wearables

Harness The Technology

Let WristCoin make your transactions easy and contact-free.


Can I can test out the WristCoin experience before purchasing?

Yes. Never has it been so easy to add cashless payments to your event as it is now with WristCoin. If you are still not sure if WristCoin is right for you, download our employee terminal demo app from the Play Store to help you make your decision.

This demo app replaces the actual server and wristband communication components of the employee app with simple placeholders, so you can get a feel for how WristCoin operates without needing any special equipment other than an NFC-capable Android phone and any NFC card or wristband to take the place of the WristCoin wristbands.

Note that no data is read from or written to the card or wristband, so feel free to use whatever you have on hand without worrying about disturbing any data that may be present.

Does WristCoin offer customization?

Yes. If you want custom branding on your wristbands or a different form factor altogether (cards, keychains, etc.), we can accommodate most reasonable customization requests.


When do I place orders for wristbands for my event?

Once you have an idea of how large your event will be, you can place an order for enough wristbands and employee terminals to keep everything running smoothly.

How do I create a new event?

Log in to your WristCoin online event administration dashboard and create a new event. Once the event has been created, you can start specifying menu items, categories, vendors, and assigning employees for your event. Don’t worry,  you don’t have to specify everything all at once; as long as you make sure to synchronize the event data on the employee terminals after updating, you can make changes to your event whenever you want.

When can I begin to use my WristCoin products?

When your WristCoin wristbands (or cards, keychains, etc.) arrive, feel free to distribute them at the event or send them out to guests beforehand.

How do guests add funds to their wristband?

When a guest wants to add money to his or her wristband, they simply visit an employee who is trusted to handle top-ups. Once the employee has issued the top-up, the balance is available without any delay and with no internet connectivity needed.

How do guests make purchases with WristCoin products?

To make purchases with WristCoin, the guest visits a vendor and tells them which items they would like to buy. The vendor then selects those items and taps the guest’s wristband to deduct the funds. Just like top-ups, the transaction is immediately processed without any internet connectivity needed.

What if a mistake is made in the guest’s order?

If a mistake is made in a guest’s order, the guest visits the vendor who processed the order and requests a reversal. If the employee agrees with the request, they can then put a pending reversal request on the guest’s wristband. At this point, if the employee is also trusted to approve reversal requests, they can immediately approve it.

Alternatively, if the organizer wants a manager or similar trusted individual to be required to approve reversals, the guest then visits the manager to get the request approved and balance added back to their wristband. As with all other WristCoin operations, this whole process can proceed seamlessly without internet connectivity being available.

What happens to wristbands when the event ends?

When the guest is ready to leave the event, they can visit an employee who is approved to “closeout” wristbands to have their wristband deactivated.  The employee can then optionally refund the wristband’s remaining balance (or some portion of it).

After the wristband has been closed out, it can no longer be used for purchases or top-ups, preventing a guest from continuing to make purchases after receiving a closeout refund.

How do I view the event statistics?

During your event, the WristCoin dashboard will be updated with event statistics as they become available. Once your event is complete and all terminals have synchronized, these event statistics will allow you to analyze the results of all the financial transactions that occurred at your event.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Let’s Make Things Happen

If you have questions about WristCoin or would like to learn more about how you can leverage its state-of-the-art offline closed-loop cashless payment capabilities to improve your event experience, get in contact with us using our contact form.

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