A Cashless Solution
for Your Business

Businesses both large and small can now increase the speed, efficiency, transparency, and reliability of their operations with the power of closed-loop cashless payments without the need for reliable Internet coverage or expensive on-site support. 


All transactions are processed in 1 second or less. Eliminate time-consuming cash handling with best-in-class NFC technology.


Powerful reporting, inventory management, back-of-house orders and payment processing all in one place. Streamline your business.


Keep track of every dime. We don’t charge any transaction fees, and all payments are deposited directly into your account.


Process transactions safely and securely completely offline without the need for expensive on-site support.

How it Works

Watch our introductory video to learn the basics of WristCoin. We use cutting-edge technology to make cashless payments easy.

Try it now with our free demo app for Android.

Best-In Class NFC Technology

WristCoin uses the highest class NFC chips to provide you with better security, faster transaction speed, and enhanced features.

Introducing the WristCoin POS

Grow your business with enhanced reporting, streamlined front and back-of-house communication, inventory management, receipt printing and more. Integrated card-present payments available.

See WristCoin in Action

Hollerbach Oktoberfest

The Hollerbach Oktoberfest is a popular event held annually in the historic city of Sanford, Florida, attracting thousands of visitors. The event organizers faced numerous issues with the previous food and beverage ticket system, including long lineups and delays for attendees, inconsistent ticket sales, and challenges in tracking sales and revenue accurately. They were looking for an innovative solution for Oktoberfest 2022, so they chose WristCoin

Let’s Make Things Happen

Let’s Make Things Happen

If you have questions about WristCoin or would like to learn more about how you can leverage its state-of-the-art offline closed-loop cashless payment capabilities to improve your event experience, get in contact with us using our contact form.