St. Francis School in Houston, Texas, was gearing up for its annual fundraising gala in April 2023 and had a clear vision – to make the entire event completely cashless. This ambitious goal required a reliable nfc cashless solution to streamline operations and enhance the guest experience.


WristCoin stepped in to provide a comprehensive solution. Recognizing the school’s need for nearly 50 terminals, we offered a cost-effective rental option from our extensive stock of mPOS terminals. To further reduce costs, WristCoin provided generic branded wristbands at a reduced price. Guests had the convenience of pre-purchasing these wristbands during gala registration.

As enthusiasm for the event grew, and the guest list expanded, WristCoin proved its flexibility. We effortlessly delivered additional wristbands as needed, thanks to our readily available stock of generic branded wristbands. To ensure that going cashless was economically viable for the school, a registered not-for-profit, we configured the system so that credit card processing charges were added to the customer’s bill. Remarkably, donors were more than willing to cover these charges.


The implementation of WristCoin’s solution at St. Francis School’s fundraising gala yielded impressive results. The event became entirely cashless, streamlining transactions and enhancing security. The cost-effective rental of mPOS terminals and the availability of generic branded wristbands made the transition to a cashless system both affordable and efficient.

Guests embraced the convenience of pre-purchasing wristbands, contributing to an increase in gala attendance. Donors enthusiastically covered credit card processing charges, demonstrating their support for the school’s mission.

A video created by the school’s organizing committee beautifully captured the success and ease of using the wristbands, further promoting the benefits of the cashless system.


St. Francis School’s partnership with WristCoin not only achieved the goal of a completely cashless gala but also reduced costs and increased guest participation. The success story highlights how innovative solutions can drive efficiency and support not-for-profit initiatives. In summary, WristCoin’s solution brought added convenience and financial support to St. Francis School’s fundraising efforts.