La Marqueta nightclub in San Juan, Puerto Rico, located in the heart of Condado, is a unique seaside hideaway offering a diverse gastronomic experience and exquisite cocktails. The establishment faced challenges stemming from the use of paper drink tickets, resulting in losses from multiple redemptions. In search of a more efficient and secure solution, the nightclub sought to address these issues using nfc wristbands.


La Marqueta encountered three main challenges with paper tickets:

Inefficiency: Handling paper tickets proved time-consuming, particularly during peak hours, leading to long lines and customer frustration.

Tracking issues: Paper tickets posed difficulties in reliable sales and inventory tracking, hindering effective management analysis.

Risk of loss: Misplaced paper tickets could result in disputes, prompting the need for a more secure solution.


To overcome these challenges, La Marqueta implemented WristCoin’s cashless payment system, replacing traditional paper tickets. This new system offered several advantages, including:

WristCoin provided valuable purchasing data and enhanced security, addressing the tracking issues faced with paper tickets. The introduction of “hybrid” mode wristbands allowed guests to self-serve or use a cashier, promoting flexibility, agility, and an improved user experience.

WristCoin supported sustainability through a wristband recycling system, aligning with the growing trend towards eco-friendly practices.



The implementation of WristCoin yielded improvements for La Marqueta nightclub. The switch led to a reduction in drink ticket misuse, resulting in 23% increased revenue for the establishment. The convenience of self-service contributed to higher conversion rates, enhancing the overall customer experience.

La Marqueta nightclub’s partnership with WristCoin streamlined operations, minimized losses, and significantly enhanced the overall guest experience. The innovative technology not only increased revenue but also aligned with sustainability goals, marking a key contribution to the club’s success. WristCoin’s solution effectively addressed La Marqueta’s key challenges, showcasing its potential as a comprehensive and valuable solution for similar establishments.