Throughout many events we’ve often encountered a common problem that can be solved by some smart event badges like cashless event badges. Here are a few examples:

  • At a charity golf event or perhaps a regional tennis tournament being hosted at a local racquet club participants and sponsors are often given complimentary food and beverage service, parking access, and other accommodations usually reserved for members or paying guests. In this situation the participant is neither and the current solution is usually old fashioned paper tickets. These tickets can be a pain point when it comes to inventory, billing, and other operational challenges.
  • A global tech conference was held locally and WristCoin was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to exhibit there. The conference was a destination for international guests from all over the world. I know when I travel to conferences my business credit card is my preferred method of payment, taking out cash is a huge pain for accounting and expense claims. The attendees of this conference were shocked to learn that only cash was accepted by the food vendors at the conference, and even more disappointed when they learned the trouble and fees involved in using the third party ATM on site. For a tech conference we believe a cashless pass built right into your badge would be a great fit.

Wristbands are not the best in these use cases because attendees are already issued badges, so a contactless event badge featuring a cashless wallet can be a valuable tool. Since attendees are already issued badges, they’ll already be cashless equipped. Just a simple scan of the event badge using their mobile device will take them to a page where they can enter credit card information. No app, no username or password to remember, just scan and go. Now food trucks and other independent event food vendors can get paid without worrying about having credit card machines themselves or even paying processing fees! 

Golf courses and racquet clubs can offer their tournament participants the ease to redeem all their complimentary services without having to carry additional tickets because all the virtual tickets are pre-loaded into the badge they’ve already been issued. The club can then quickly report on all the exact items that have been redeemed for inventory and billing purposes. It’s often good to have an objective report on drink redemption to settle liquor bill disputes with event organizers. In this use case the event badge never has to be associated with a credit card nor does the attendee have to provide any payment information.

We’re also thrilled to offer complete custom printing included with all our cashless equipped badges. Our partners at Instantcard have all your needs covered in that area and of course all cashless integration with WristCoin is already taken care of. 


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