Event organizers are often wary of cashless event solutions because it can be unclear how the real currency being processed through the system is being handled. At WristCoin, we make it easy with two key features.


  1. Simple Pricing with No Transaction Fees


Transparency is one of our core values, so we developed a clear pricing structure with no fee per transaction, ensuring the profits from your venue or event stay with you. Every dollar processed through your POS or through guest self-serve will be reflected in the total deposited to your account. Learn more about our pricing here.


  1. Live Integration with Top Payment Gateways


To ensure fast payouts and security, we deposit the payments you receive straight to your account through live integrations with top payment gateways. WristCoin seamlessly integrates with both Stripe and Square, meaning your money is handled by verified providers that you know you can trust.  In other words, we at WristCoin never hold any of your funds, nor are we an intermediary that stands between you and your money.


These features were designed to provide transparency and peace of mind, while also saving you time and money. Our closed-loop cashless event system actually provides more security than cash collection, ensuring there is no cash loss or theft while offering real-time reporting to keep track of your guest’s payments and balances. 

Have more questions on how your money is handled with WristCoin? We would love to answer them. Fill out our contact form here, or give us a call at 1-800-293-6094 to learn more.

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