As an event organizer, you want to ensure your attendees have a seamless and enjoyable experience. One key element of this experience is the ability to handle transactions quickly and easily. WristCoin’s self-serve top-ups feature is designed to offer a convenient and secure solution for event attendees.



No App or Login Credentials Needed

The self-serve top-up feature does not require an app or login credentials, allowing all attendees to easily top up their wristbands at the event with just their browser. Self-serve is supported on both iOS and Android devices.


No Personal Information Required

Privacy is a top concern for many event attendees. WristCoin’s self-serve top-up feature addresses this concern by not requiring any personal information during the top-up process. This added layer of security allows guests to use their wristbands anonymously with peace of mind.


Enhanced Guest Features

Attendees can check their current balance and view past transactions through the self-serve feature, providing a simple and transparent way to monitor their spending, and decide when to top up. This removes the need for cashiers and dedicated top-up locations while allowing attendees to avoid long lines.


Recovery of Lost or Stolen Wristbands

WristCoin’s self-serve top-up feature lets your guests register their email to their wristband, making it easy to recover their balance in the event the wristband is lost or stolen. This added level of protection ensures that attendees do not lose any funds and provides them with added security throughout the event.


Automatic Refunds

At the end of your event, you can choose to have all remaining balances refunded to the original payment method – whether a wristband has been registered or not. This allows for easy post-event management on your end, and a better post-event experience for your guests.


WristCoin’s self-serve top-up feature provides event attendees with a convenient, secure, and transparent transaction experience. By incorporating this feature, event organizers can enhance the overall attendee experience, and cut down on staffing, wait times, and organizer frustrations. To learn more about how our seld-serve can be implemented at your event, fill out our contact form here, or give us a call at 1-800-293-6094.

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