We know that vendor management is a key aspect of event planning, so we’ve introduced new features to make the process more streamlined for your next closed-loop cashless event.


Orders Directly to the Back-of-House

One of the most significant new features of WristCoin is the ability to print order details to the back of the house, enabling the kitchen or bar to prepare food and drinks quickly and accurately. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to process a high volume of orders quickly, creating a fully integrated solution for order management.


Customizable Menu Items

WristCoin allows organizers to customize the menu items for each vendor, giving them the flexibility to create items that meet their specific needs. This feature is particularly useful for events that require a wide range of items or specialty offerings. By allowing businesses to customize their menu items, WristCoin enables them to provide their customers with a unique and tailored experience that meets their specific needs.


The Ability to Track Sales Tax

WristCoin has added the ability to track sales tax, making it easier for vendors and organizers to manage their orders and keep better track of their final take-home revenue. With this feature, the system can accurately calculate and collect sales tax, minimizing the risk of tax-related issues.


Automatic Gratuities

WristCoin now enables organizers to have gratuities automatically added to all items, ensuring that staff is adequately compensated for their work, while also reducing lines while attendees choose their own gratuities, creating a more seamless experience. 


Customizable Staff Responsibilities and Access

WristCoin now includes customizable staff responsibilities and access, providing organizers and vendors with greater control over their operations. With this feature, organizers can assign specific responsibilities to staff members. This allows for easier staff training while also ensuring only the correct people have access to more sensitive features, such as updating menu items or providing top-ups.

We’ve introduced these features to provide organizers and vendors greater control, flexibility, and convenience, enabling a seamless experience for both guests and staff during the event. To find out more about how these features can benefit your next event, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 1-800-293-6094.

Published On: March 14, 2023 / Categories: Features /