Closed-loop cashless systems are quickly becoming the obvious choice for planning and managing venues and events. There are many options for providers out there, but they’re not all made equal. Find out why the technology in our wearables stands out, and why ours are a worthwhile investment that will save you thousands of dollars. The features our wristbands offer save immense costs on WiFi throughout the facility or event grounds, and even more importantly because they’re completely secure there’s no absolute requirement for WristCoin support to be on-site at your venue, saving you thousands more!

Offline Transactions

WristCoin’s wristbands are designed to operate without an internet connection, and for extended periods of time beyond just short-term ticketing. All transactions are underwritten on the wristband, allowing for seamless use even in areas with no connectivity. This is especially important for outdoor usage or large indoor venues where internet access may be limited. Some cashless systems operate in a blind spot during a disconnection from the internet, leaving you at risk of lost revenue during outages. Unlike competitors, WristCoin isn’t taking any underwriting risk no matter how long the internet outage is, so our customers can rest assured that guests never receive items they haven’t fully paid for.


WristCoin’s wearables offer lightning-fast transaction speeds of one second or less. This means that guests can quickly make purchases without slowing down the guest experience, and remember, this speed doesn’t sacrifice any security because we guarantee all balances even without internet access.


WristCoin’s wristbands feature bank-grade security measures, ensuring that guests’ wristband wallets remain secure from tampering. We use even higher security levels on the NFC chip than some mass transit networks that process millions of dollars of fares daily. This added security and robustness is part of what makes our wristbands cost slightly more than those of our competitors that don’t feature high wristband security. Those wristbands are either only identifiers (which means internet access is needed to have secure transactions), or feature inadequate security for enterprise-grade systems that transact material sums of money. By investing in WristCoin wearables you’ll realize significant savings when it comes to the need for high bandwidth WiFi and on-site technicians, which many vendors require.


Unlike other cashless systems, WristCoin’s wristbands and cards can be reused if the guest returns it. This not only greatly reduces the cost of purchasing new wristbands for each guest but also helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Shipping the wristbands has an environmental impact we’re trying to reduce.

Reduce Lead Time

WristCoin carries a set stock of wristbands that are ready to be deployed, reducing the lead time required to set up the system. This means that you can get your event up and running quickly and efficiently. These wristbands also offer savings compared to custom-branded ones.

Self-Serve Top Ups

WristCoin offers best-in-class funds management. When planning your event, you may choose to apply credit to some or all of the wristbands. During the event, guests can choose to top up their wristbands at any point. This can be done via cashiers in some cases but we really think our self-serve top up feature should be used as primary means of adding money to the wristband. This feature allows guests to load their wristbands from their phones without an app or any login credentials. To learn more about self-serve top ups, read our blog here.

Our commitment to the quality of our wearables is one of WristCoin’s key differentiators. While we’ve spoken a lot about wristbands, the form of our wearables is completely customizable. You may choose fobs or cards, as well as have them upgraded to use your own branding. No matter which form is right for you, you’ll be using the latest in NFC technology. To learn more about how our wristbands can better your event, get in touch with our team here.

Published On: April 6, 2023 / Categories: Closed Loop Cashless, Features /