WristCoin is the perfect tool for your venue. Whether you are a restaurant, a bar, a nightclub, or any other on-premise venue, it is a tool that will only make your business better.

Not only is WristCoin going to help the day to day operations by using it as a payment solution, but also by using its capabilities of offering a stronger relationship with the guests.

We have talked about how WristCoin can help any guest-centered industry by reducing the contact in cash management and constant credit card operations by offering a closed-loop payment tool, but we have not talked about all the advantages it can offer to venues other than as a payment method.


The easiest way would be to create a rewards program, by easily adding a reward percentage to the items in the menu that we are trying to sell more, with this every time a customer makes a purchase, they get points which can be redeemed for any or some items in the menú.


WristCoin can create brand awareness by offering wearable products like wristbands or keychains that better embody the brand essence, but this is only one of the many ways WristCoin can work for your business for awareness. By having a closed-loop system, WristCoin could be used as a method of payment that your local influencers, opinion leaders, or anyone that should have access to promotions or freebies. All this by offering them the flexibility to choose anything they want but always with a controlled budget and restriction that you can discreetly manage and have access to real-time feed if needed in case of doing a special event or themed party.


I would hope that everyone out there reading this has already been asked to cater, if you haven’t, give us a call and we will discuss how to help you hit the ground running but anyway, it feels awesome. To have someone come up to you and pretty much say I want your food/drinks to be enjoyed by everyone I love and I am getting the check. With WristCoin you could have access to virtually replicate your venue anywhere without needing internet access or a local network. You could even access the results of the events within minutes of saying goodbye to the last guest.

Nowadays with the new Covid 19 protocols in place, your restaurant could go anywhere while maintaining order and structure where it matters most, in the money.


Every once in a while we get a strong sponsor for an occasional event, a Boxing Fight, a Clásico match, Super Bowl, you name it. An event where the brand would want to have an open bar setting but only on their products on all the guests that are willing to have their email added to a loyalty subscription. Instead of having lineups for the Covid Protocols and then for the event, just add the WristBand activation point as a screen test window and the terminals would be set according to the sponsor’s limits and the day to day operation resumes, giving the sponsor the results and the venue management detailed information about the event after closing out the last guest.


As you can see, WristCoin works in a lot of different scenarios and special occasions. If you think we could offer your Brand a more tailored approach, get in touch with us and we will happily offer you a detailed offer to improve your business.

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