The new normal brings new trends to tourism, and if it is going to once again prosper and provide the much needed economic boost that international tourists bring.  Resorts cater to mostly international rather than local tourists, and hosting these guests now brings particular challenges.  New rules for social distancing have resulted in additional pain points for venue owners  – particularly resorts.  WristCoin can help make things as contactless as possible while saving administrative costs and facilitating tips and gratuities for your resort staff.

Most of these businesses, unfortunately, will never prosper in the post-COVID without new tools and technologies that help things become contactless, especially payments. Those who do prosper will have adapted to meet these new challenges. Now more than ever, the industry must step forward with fresh ideas, using technology to enhance health, safety, guest satisfaction, and most importantly, implementing a cost reduction strategy. 

WristCoin stands out in the crowd, offering a flexible, contactless, and user-friendly closed-loop cashless payment system (wow, that sounded too technical) that manages transactions using the wristbands you already like to use as proof that a guest is staying at the resort.  WristCoin offers a customizable product that can be used in all transaction points inside a resort – even the beach where there’s no WiFi!  So whether your resort is all-inclusive or a European package WristCoin still provides the needed contactless technology to keep guests and staff safe. 

All-Inclusive Resorts can Easily Upsell

For all-inclusive resorts there are many extras that are offered such as excursions, spa treatment, and equipment rentals.  With lower occupancy rates than ever, these upselling opportunities are more critical to profitability.  With a small handheld terminal that can operate without Internet access, impulsive purchases are made seamless with a contactless scan of a guest’s wristband.  No need to have a carbon copy form, or pen/paper receipt to authorize that jet ski rental on the beach or that concierge purchase from the lobby such as an activity or golf round.

European Package Resorts can Accurately Track Purchases, Families can authorize limits for kids

European Package resorts (those that charge for extras such as alcohol, soda, etc..) can really benefit from WristCoin’s ability to operate as either a prepay or post-pay solution.  In many cases, a guest’s credit card is on file, and the administrative costs associated with this are keeping accurate records of the authorized purchases more than facilitating the actual financial transaction.  WristCoin has an excellent tab management feature that makes it ideal for accurately tracking guest purchases even if the payment itself is settled after with a pre-authorized credit card on file. As mentioned above, pen and paper signatures introduce unnecessary contact, and PIN entry is just as bad.  With a completely contactless transaction, WristCoin will accurately tally all itemized purchases the guest authorizes and even include an automatic gratuity. 

WristCoin easily allows families to give freedom to their children and teenagers without risking frivolous over-spending  which can subsequent create unhappy guests refusing to pay the entire amount owed.  Eliminate this pain point by giving families the ability to authorize a maximum spend for their kids allowing the entire family to enjoy the stay without mom and dad having to sign for each purchase.

Accept Contactless Tips even when guests rarely have cash

Tipping is still needed and the staff depends on this as the main source of income.  Small denominations of cash are ideal for tips and gratuities.  This time honoured practice is certain to continue even during COVID times since staff prefer no tacking or accounting of any kind for tips they receive.   Guests however may simply avoid handling local cash altogether given how dirty cash can easily be a means of transmitting infections.  Unlike pre-COVID times, resort guests will be spending more time within the confines of the resort to reduce contact with new people.  Guests will not be venturing off to explore the local area or hiring a driver to go into the nearby town or city for a more authentic experience.  As such, guests won’t be withdrawing cash as regularly since cash purchases are not required within the resort.  Where does this leave your staff when it comes to tipping?

Signing for an additional tip with a pen and paper is also a contact-based transaction to be avoided.  WristCoin allows all staff to collect tips on the spot, without Internet access if needed, all in a touchless and contact-free way.  Since wristbands can be made waterproof, comfortable, and unremovable until the end of the guest’s stay there’s no need for a PIN to introduce unneeded contact and risk. And all gratuities in WristCoin can be reported at a per-employee basis.  Small cash tips will always go on, but sometimes the staff can benefit from a contactless cashless gratuity in the event the guest has no cash to give a well deserved tip – something that will happen more and more. 

Cost Savings

COVID restrictions have created longer stays – be it due to the 14 day quarantine, or that some have decided to book extended stays and work remotely from a beautiful Caribbean resort.  The ability to accurately track purchases of an an extended stay guest in a cost effective way will reduce overhead expense during low occupancy periods. WristCoin focuses on making your business as profitable as possible during times of lower occupancy. Save time and money by eliminating the tedious task of manually tallying illegible paper based authorizations. Increase guest satisfaction by limiting the amount children can spend while also giving parents time to relax and not worry about authorizing every purchase. 

With many reporting options management can separate transactions based on facility, vendor (front desk, guest services, etc..), or even by a staff member. Easily cross-reference tips, reloads by crew members, and up-selling to reward those putting the extra effort.  Contact us today for a free demo and consultation. 

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